The Lovely and Surprising Creative Mind

The creative mind is starting to work again. It’s not consistent yet, or really strong, but it is happening. It’s even resulted in words! One things that is helping me is working on a new series. Even though I was a little miffed at myself for creating yet another universe when I already have so many. On top of the new universe I started writing on, The Enigma Watchers, the last year before Mother Hen passed away. So yeah. Had an alternate history action-adventure series in The Enigma Watchers. Now also have the Atlantis Shifters romance series. And then earlier today… WHAM! These aren’t two new universes! Both of these series are in the same universe! I was working on …

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2017 Writing/Revision Tracking Spreadsheet

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted here. It hasn’t been an easy year, but I’m still puttering forward with the writing and other creativity. To start off the new year in the right direction, I have updated the yearly Writing and Revision Tracking Spreadsheet. This format is a little different than before. Instead of separate tabs for the writing and revision, this time it’s been combined into one single tab. I’ve been using it for the past year and like having both were I can see them in one glance. Another post soon on the other big project I’ve been working on. So, go! Write and revise! View every word forward as a triumph. All spreadsheets are available …

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August 2015 Goals

Cue life-roll! I won’t even post about July as I’ve spent the entire time in hospitals after Mother Hen had a bad chemo reaction. The only thing that got done were new words: 30015 (and that was a huge struggle) My mother is still in the hospital, and even when she gets out she has a lot of physical therapy to do. So, not a month for anything ambitious. Going for conservative goals this August! 25,000 New words Publish “The Legend of Crazy Uncle George (Salmon Run – Book 8)” Finish putting in copyedits of “Celestial Fire (The String Weavers – Book 7)” and then pass the book to the second copyeditor. Prepare one outline for the November Nano.

R.I.P. Wireless Keyboard – Hello New Art

Well, I wondered if it would happen. It finally did. After several million words, my Microsoft 1392 Arc keyboard up and died. One night it worked great, then I picked it up the next day for a new writing session… And nothing. At first I thought the batteries died. Changed them, and still didn’t work. Could be bum new batteries, right? So I found two more batteries from a different pack. Nope, no go. Tried many ways to re-establish communication with the computer. It isn’t just a connection issue. The little light for the caps lock won’t even come on. Tried manipulating the area where the batteries went in. Restarted and ran diagnostics on the computer, just in case. I …

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June Summary

Oh my. What a June. First the external wireless keyboard went out. More on that in a blog post (with pretty pictures!). Then the first chemo appointment ended up with it all getting cancelled and Mother Hen ending up in the emergency room to find out why she was bleeding. Which turned out to be a bad bladder infection. We went home with meds and she recovered. All good! I got in some good writing and art in (with restrictions. See post about the dead keyboard). So, we go back 2 weeks later for chemo. She’s doing well, other than we’re all hot from the heatwave going through Arizona. Aaaand, the chemo knocks her for a loop. All of a …

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