UPDATED: Schedule – Writing and Publishing Template

Yet another spreadsheet update for 2015! The “Schedule – Writing and Publishing Template” is not contingent on a year. I use my copy for multiple years. However, when planning for 2015 I realized that the spreadsheet was missing a crucial element: estimated word count. By adding this column I realized I had accidentally planned on writing over 800k in 2015. Oops! No way was that going to happen! I posted an updated version on the Writing Freebies page.

Free 2014 Word and Revision Tracking Spreadsheet

Along with writing, I am very much a numbers geek. Goals, keeping track, statistics… Oh yeah, I love ’em! One of the many ways I do that is by keeping track of my writing and revising process. However, I had a problem when looking for a good way to keep track of it, and that is that I don’t like the daily tracking spreadsheets. I wanted something more flexible. So, I came up with my own. One that tracks daily, weekly, and month. Depending on my mood and the events in (annoying) real-life, it is flexible enough to keep track. Plus, thanks to the “Totals” tab, I can see in an instant what projects I’ve written on in the year. …

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Publishing 2012 – A Year in Review

I debated posting this. Strange as it seems, I’ve had pushback from sharing some of the details of my publishing journey. The reasons are many, and I won’t bore you with them. And yet, when I first started out, I really appreciated other writers sharing information. It helped me make informed decisions. To see what was happening out there. It took the fear of the unknown away. So, in the end, I decided to share. Sorry, new readers of my fiction, but you may want to skip this one. For all you fellow writers, by all means read on. I now have full tracking spreadsheets of 2011 and 2012. These spreadsheets bring together reports from all the retailers, organize that …

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Amazon 47North – Pricing Analysis

“For our customers who are avid readers of science fiction, fantasy, and horror, we’re happy to introduce 47North, the latest imprint from Amazon Publishing. 47North offers a wide array of new novels and cult favorites, from urban fantasies to space operas, alternate histories to gothic and supernatural horror.” As I write science fiction, this is the area of the 47North catalogue I will focus in on. They are still rolling out the pre-orders, so the science fiction portion is a small percentage of the overall count. (8 books out of 35) Even if we have only 8 books, here is the breakdown in book pricing: $9.99 List discounted to $7.99 6 $9.99 List discounted to $3.99 1 $9.99 List discounted …

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2012 – A Year of Big Goals

2011 Business Plan in Review Start up publishing company Check! Doing it was easy. Finding a name for the publishing company was hard. It took almost two months of thinking, putting up ideas on a dry-erase board, and researching domain names before I settled on “Star Catcher Publishing.” Set up Distribution and Retailer Accounts Again, rather easy and straight-forward. This took maybe an hour. Publishing Goals Then came the plan of what projects to finish and publish. This was a short list of three novellas and one novel. Good news is that I achieved this goal. The better news is that I also achieved the second-year goal, and most of the third and fourth. This was good for business, no …

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