UPDATED: Schedule – Writing and Publishing Template

Yet another spreadsheet update for 2015! The “Schedule – Writing and Publishing Template” is not contingent on a year. I use my copy for multiple years. However, when planning for 2015 I realized that the spreadsheet was missing a crucial element: estimated word count. By adding this column I realized I had accidentally planned on writing over 800k in 2015. Oops! No way was that going to happen! I posted an updated version on the Writing Freebies page.

2015 Writing and Publishing Spreadsheet Available

2015 is here, and that means it’s time to set new writing goals! To help with that, I have updated my “Writing and Publishing Spreadsheet.” From personal experience, I want to say that even if one does not hit the goal set out at the beginning of the year, any writing is still success. Last year I was aiming for 500,000 words in January of 2014. Then Mother Hen had to have more brain surgery in May. Then she developed hydrocephalus in June. Yeah, that 500k was not going to happen. So, I dropped my goal for the year to 300,000. Wrote whenever I could, which sometimes wouldn’t bee for weeks. So, what did I get to in 2014? 231,824 …

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2012 – A Year of Big Goals

2011 Business Plan in Review Start up publishing company Check! Doing it was easy. Finding a name for the publishing company was hard. It took almost two months of thinking, putting up ideas on a dry-erase board, and researching domain names before I settled on “Star Catcher Publishing.” Set up Distribution and Retailer Accounts Again, rather easy and straight-forward. This took maybe an hour. Publishing Goals Then came the plan of what projects to finish and publish. This was a short list of three novellas and one novel. Good news is that I achieved this goal. The better news is that I also achieved the second-year goal, and most of the third and fourth. This was good for business, no …

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The Writing Business Plan and NaNoWriMo

I once had a business plan. I worked several days on it, refining and tweaking various goals. Then I got to the list of the books. And I’ve already finished and published most of them. I knew going into this that once I got going I would probably move forward a bit faster than expected. I did not expect just how fast. The reason? This whole process is absolutely addicting, but in the most marvelous way. I’m writing all the time. Stories are at all stages of completion and planning. More stories are waiting in the wings, tapping their feet in impatience for my attention. Then there is what pushed this all into overdrive. The ability to take those stories …

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