Mother Hen Update

An update on Mother Hen is way overdue. Let’s just say that between insurance issues, doctors appointments, and helping to take care of her, there hasn’t been much time for the writing side of life. That includes the blog (thank goodness I have the entire serial scheduled to post automatically until done).

So, we get really good health insurance. What happens? Everyone BUT THE SURGEON takes it. And the surgeon wants all the money up front. No way could that happen. So, we went into yet another holding pattern until Mother Hen turned 65 and got on Medicare. I thought that would fix it.

Um, yeah right.

I won’t go into details, but lets just say that both Medicare and Medicaid did a few strange things that took a bunch of time on phone calls to straighten out. One day I was on the phone for so long that it depleted the battery of my cell phone completely. I think at least 4 hours? That’s way too much time on the phone!

Right now, the surgery is scheduled for this Tuesday. It’s been scheduled and rescheduled so many times that I refuse to believe it will happen until it actually happens.

Mother Hen is nervous, of course. Anyone would be with the prospect of brain surgery. So, we’ve been giving lots of hugs and I-love-you’s. If all goes well, she will have surgery Tuesday morning and be home by Friday.

As for the writing, I’m not going to stress about it right now. Mother Hen needs the attention. I’ll get what I can done and be happy with it. The writing will be there waiting afterwards. 🙂