July Novel Writing Month Anyone?

Revision on the current book is almost finished. Does that mean it’s time to rest and take a vacation?

Not for a writer!

I’m addicted to writing. I admit it. Life doesn’t feel complete without plotting, planning, writing and revising all the stories coming out of my head. Even if no one ever read them, I would still write.

Hey, there are a lot worse addictions to have!

I’m also prolific. When I’m on a roll I can write 10,000+ words on a single full day. The highest word count in a single day has been 18,000 (I’m not aiming for that last number ever again. I suffered for it for days after.).

So, it follows that I have a great deal of fun in November for National Novel Writing Month. Apparently so do a lot of other people…

Because other events have sprung up all over the place. July is one of them. “July Novel Writing Month” was inspired by November’s NaNoWriMo. The premise is similar: 50,000 words in 31 days (1613 words a day). Where the November and July event differ is that JulNoWriMo invites those with previously started projects to join in. The idea is to get 50,000 words total.

And yes, despite life being rather crazy, I’m joining in for the second time. You can find me over at the JulNoWriMo website under the user name “Dreamerscove.”

This works out well with “The E-Book Experiment” premise. I need product, as in plural. Time to create more.

Now to get a few outlines in place…

Hope to see you there!

Survived March!

Surviving a month doesn’t sound like much, but it is when you’ve been sick two months in a row. I was already run-down from being sick at the beginning of February, and then I caught the bad cold bug that’s been going around. That wiped me out! Unable to go to work for a week, and then it lingered.

And lingered.

It’s official, I’m sick and tired of coughing!

Only now is the coughing starting to lighten up. You know, with a cold like this, who needs the flu!?!?!

Okay, not quite true. The worst flu I’ve ever had was last November, and that one WAS worse than this cold. But the regular flu? Nah, this cold was worse.

Anyway, despite everything I did manage to finish National Novel Editing Month in March. The goal was to hit 50 hours. Somehow, and I’m not sure how, I managed to win with 94 hours. I’m still trying to figure out how I did that, but the month is lost in a haze of coughing.

Now in healing mode. Even more homemade soups with lots of veggies, an apple at every lunch, a ‘protein drink’ every morning (Not really what it is, but what we call it. Lots of stuff we mix into it). It’s going to take some time to build up again, but it all happens in little steps.

I hope your March went better!

Free NaNoEdMo Revision Time Tracking Spreadsheet Available

The spreadsheet tracks hours for “National Novel Editing Month”, where the goal is to revise/edit for 50 hours in 31 days. It can be adapted and used for other months, as well, for anyone who wants to use it. I used as a base the spreadsheet that was offered last year, I rearranged and added a few things. It’s a GoogleDoc spreadsheet, however, you do not have to have a Google account to access it.

If you have GoogleDoc yourself, you can “Save As” to save a copy into your own account.

For anyone else, you can “Download As” (Export) this out into Excel or an Open Office document (as well as others).

Nanoedmo Time Tracking 2010


Novels, and more Novels

I won NaNoEdMo with 74.5 hours. That was good enough to place 7th on the final list of editors. Whee! The time really helped whip “The String Weavers into shape.

I continued with the momentum gained. As of the middle of May the book is completely finished. I’m really happy the way it turned out, and it feels so wonderful to have such a big project finished. I came up with the concept for the book in late September of 2007, wrote the first draft for Nanowrimo 2007, and finished editing in May of 2009. A little more than 1 1/2 years. I’m thrilled to be under the 2-year mark.

Now to see if I can keep up the momentum! I have three one-off books that are in no way apart of a series in the planning stages. The plan is to have them ready for writing for Nano of 2009. So far I’m on track for that goal. However, that is a few months away and I don’t want to stop writing. So, I’ve taken the sequel to “The String Weavers”, which is a called “The Phoenix Eggs” and written for Nanowrimo 2008, and have started a complete rewrite. I’m using JulNoWriMo to help out on that project.

JulNoWriMo is run by a different group of people than Nanowrimo but inspired by the same concept. 50k of words from July 1st to July 31. Because of the extra day in the month the minimum wordcount per day is 1613 compared to 1667 for Nanowrimo. So far I’m on track, and I’m pleased at how “The Phoenix Eggs” is coming along.

After July, it’ll be time to focus on Nanowrimo 2009.

Onwards and Upwards!

NaNoEdMo 2009 Update

Nanoedmo is going okay. Not great, but okay. I’m doing well with the numbers. Out of 50 hours I’m standing at 40 hours last night. But it’s a good thing I did so much earlier in the week, as this last week has been horrendous. For 5 days, no editing at all. The only creativity has consisted of doing a little sketching during my lunch times for the proposed book cover. At least THAT has gone well.

What has been wrong? Going over 2 weeks of being sick. Basically I developed a severe sinus infection. Then I had a reaction to the antibiotic. Can we say not fun?

Add in a huge set-back at work and it all equaled a rather bad March.

But as of last night, after having forced myself to slog through a difficult portion of the editing, I’m hoping to be back on track. The novel sits at having 19 out of 25 chapters edited. We’re closing in on the end! The question is, is what is left in March enough to finish those final chapters when the last two also need to be rewritten.

We’ll see!