Idea Fishing

Day 26 Wordcount: 3002 (Mop Jockies and Fighter Pilots, Short Story #9) Thanks to several word wars while in Forward Motion Writers chat, short story #9 is finished! I was hoping to finish it tomorrow, but as it crept towards bedtime I realized how close I was. I’m now late getting to bed, but I’m feeling great because it’s FINISHED! A full day early, too! Now comes the problem of finding an idea for story #10. I’ve now written all the ideas I had a strong inspiration for at the beginning of May. But I’m not panicking. The thing about stretching and strengthening the writing-muscle is that the more it’s used, the more it gives back. Which is why writers who …

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Short Story #6 And A Hyperactive Muse

Day 18 Wordcount: 623 (Glint of a Ruin, Short Story #6) I’m over the half-way point in the May challenge, and I’m now a full 3 days behind. The above wordcount was written during my short lunch break. I might have achieved a little higher wordcount if it hadn’t been for the Muse. All month it’s been play month. One short story or novelette after another. So much to play in, experiment with, places and people and creatures to visit. And the Muse wants to be in all of them at once. This is the great thing about writing. The more one writes, the more the Muse throws ideas. Write even more? Yet more ideas. Until the writer is practically buried …

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Story Revelations at Odd Times

Day 11 Wordcount: 500 (Glint of an Artifact, Short Story #3) Last line written tonight: But no emotions. No pain, no fear or terror. Yes, still working on Glint of an Artifact. I’ll get it finished at some point! Meanwhile, I’ve been working away at this story, and what happens while taking a shower? Yep, a revelation about a different story, a novel that will be going into editing hopefully in July. No, it couldn’t be about the short story I’m writing now, or the short story I’ll be writing next, or the novella I’ll be working on starting June 1st. No, this is something I haven’t actively worked on since spring of 2010. But, apparently my Muse has been stewing over …

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Muse-Inspirationals: holographic rock star

After all the anime showing a holographic rock star, you knew they would eventually make it happen, right? Well, yes, it has happened now, including a #1 single and a sold out 2009 ‘live’ tour. So, what’s next? A holographic politician? :shudder: In any case, this is more fodder for fiction. Oh, so much fodder! Of course, a lot of anime/manga has using this idea for years. 😉

Muse-Inspirationals: Ocean City

Inspiration for new fiction come from all over. This series explores possible ideas for science fiction. I’ve seen variations of these before. Cities on the water, making use of all that watery space on planet Earth. For science fiction, this might also include other planets, water worlds, or maximizing Earth’s capacity as population goes out of control. Or, perhaps, the land is no longer habitable? Lots of ideas, all starting out with a neat location.