Coming Soon in October 2013: The Dark Phoenix (The String Weavers – Book 3)

Coming October 2013 Strange Phoenix haunt the Strings. When Kelsey and her team respond to a Weaver emergency beacon they find a Universal Group filled with Phoenix. Not unusual, considering the Phoenix repair Strings, too. Then, one turns to attack. Her team scrambles to rescue the Weaver team and stop Professor Hadrian. All while avoiding Phoenix acting in a way never seen before. But, Kelsey did once. In memories her Weaver band shares in her dreams. Reviewers, write for a paper ARC or an electronic ARC. Book will be available in trade paper and electronic from all your favorite retailers.

New Release: Dead Run

The website has been down, and what better way to test it than with a new release? My first release since we found out about Mother Hen’s brain cancer! It’s a wonderful step forward. 🙂 Dead Run On a run for her very life… For Mira Escala, a new job overseeing docks at Abashiri Sky City represents a new start. Until she winds up in the wrong place at the wrong time, witnessing the wrong event. Accused, her life on the line, and with no one to trust, Mira runs. Before someone sends her on a long fall through the clouds below. A 9600 word science fiction suspense novelette. Amazon | Apple | Barnes and Noble | Kobo | Smashwords (Other retailers like …

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New Release – Aurora Equinox (Salmon Run – Book 6)

With the equinox come the aurora and the itch of spring… Good moods are scarce in Salmon Run these days. Zach Callahan’s lingering foul mood even manages to drive off Sasha. His concerned father insist on a check-up visit to the local spaceship just as Zach discovers a threat worthy of true worry: The return of a threat from the south. Welcome to Salmon Run, Alaska! A place of wild animals, wild land, and wild inhabitants…oh, and native legends come alive and an inter-planetary alien conflict at their backdoor. Available at the following retailers: Amazon | Apple | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Smashwords *** Yes, another Salmon Run book! Zach, Sasha, and Hawk are off on another grand …

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New Release: Bowl the Lizard

The Princess just knows it. Something important, something she can’t think of. With robot caretakers in tow she goes in search through the extensive royal gardens, determined to continue until it’s found. No matter how deep into the gardens the search takes her. A 3900 word science fiction fairy tale short story. This edition includes the complete BONUS story, “Gaslight Tea Party” by Alex Vaugn. *** This is a different sort of story for me, but a fun one. It started with the prompt of “A Princess, A Lizard, and a Boatman” and then exploded when I title generator I designed popped up with the title of “Bowl the Lizard.” Yeah, it doesn’t take much to inspire me anymore. Tis …

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New Release: Breaking Point

Science Fiction novelette

Everyone has their breaking point and Alfonso just found his… A series of layoffs forces starship pilot Alfonso Wickham to make a shuttle deliver with no help other than the accompanying ‘efficiency expert’ who is watching his every move. He can’t do anything right, and the delivery quickly goes from bad to worse when local salvagers view his cargo as a quick easy score. They don’t know they are messing with a man who has nothing left to lose. ____________________ Yes, a new novelette. It was intended to be a companion piece to “The Art of Negotiation” but ended up a little long, so it has been released on its own. It is, however, set in the same universe, but …

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