Changing Up the Website

I started to revamp the website about 6 months ago, and then the summer really derailed that. I’m just now starting to get my head above water (although the fatigue is still bad), and so started looking at it anew.

One of the directions I intended to take the website has now changed thanks to several new software and plugin developments. More will come about that later as I start to implement the changes and take out the changes that had been about half-way done.

A bit of writing has been going on, as well, along with a lot of art (mostly contracted original art). So, the creative brain is starting to stretch its muscles!

One bit of bad news. Herman went to the great snail haven in the sky. He was pretty big, so he might have died of old age. In any case, there are new inhabitants of my nano tank which I’ll be sharing with you shortly.

I hope everyone has been having a great summer!

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