Reassessing Part of the Business Plan

Reassessing Part of the Business Plan
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I like the business plan I have right now. I feel it has me headed in the right direction, and parts of it that I’ve enacted have already resulted in an increase in sales.

The main business plan has over-all goals. Then in a separate document I have the goals for the current year broken down into steps needed to make them happen. Then in a third document, I have those steps broken down into monthly to-dos. I review the big goals about every quarter to see if they need changing.

For the next few months, I have a few things each month to do to keep myself on track. This way I don’t get overwhelmed trying to do everything RIGHT NOW. I also don’t get overwhelmed wondering how in the world I’m going to accomplish the big goals. In November it worked great.

Only, something happened in December.

I kept getting stopped these past two weeks while working through the to-dos of my business plan. Sometimes, well, something didn’t feel right. Other times because what I wanted to do couldn’t really be done, or done to the fullest, without something else coming before.

Last night I realized what it was: my online ecosystem.

Everything I do all points back to the website and the reader ecosystem I want to create there. All promotions will have a boost by having that strong website foundation. In turn, the website will boost the promotional efforts. I want to make it a hub for readers and fans, where they can get fun tidbits and special offers directly from me.

My long-term business strategy hinges on it.

And the website needs a huge amount of work.

So, today I’m stepping back and refocusing for December and January. The only two jobs that really REALLY matter are the writing, and building that foundational website with its reader ecosystem. Everything else needs to be put off. *IF* I do anything else in the business plan then it will be a bonus, but not a focus.

So, expect this website to change over the next couple months. For a few days it might even look like a complete mess. In other words, this website is under construction!

Reassessing Part of the Business Plan
geralt / Pixabay
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Reassessing Part of the Business Plan

2 thoughts on “Reassessing Part of the Business Plan”

  1. I like the new layout. Easy to read fonts and not busy. Good. 🙂
    Yes, focus on drawing readers to your website and mail list is the best strategy, in case distributors shut down.
    I need to update my links with the icon links for each distributor, rather than just text links, both on my publisher site and my author site, but not as urgent as producing new work and publish a story every 2 months. Best for Amazon algorithm, and Kobo, etc. and better than advertising $.


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