The Lovely and Surprising Creative Mind

The creative mind is starting to work again. It’s not consistent yet, or really strong, but it is happening. It’s even resulted in words!

One things that is helping me is working on a new series. Even though I was a little miffed at myself for creating yet another universe when I already have so many. On top of the new universe I started writing on, The Enigma Watchers, the last year before Mother Hen passed away.

So yeah. Had an alternate history action-adventure series in The Enigma Watchers.

Now also have the Atlantis Shifters romance series.

And then earlier today…


The Lovely and Surprising Creative MindThese aren’t two new universes! Both of these series are in the same universe!

I was working on the timeline of The Enigma Watchers when it happened. I realized that the Atlantis Shifters ‘world’ diverged from that one in the past. Only they take place at about the same time, just in different parallel universes. But they do cross over. To the point that characters can cross over, if I ever wanted to do it.

Talk about getting a shiver of delight!

Sometimes I just love the creative mind. 😀

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The Lovely and Surprising Creative Mind

3 thoughts on “The Lovely and Surprising Creative Mind”

  1. Grief can really do a number on you. I cut and polish rocks and gems, but after I lost my wife to Multiple Sclerosis my creativity really dried up. There is a saying I learned while dealing with my own issues with Chronic Pain and the wonderful VA, “Fake It Til You Make It.” It doesn’t always solve everything, but it gives you a mantra to work from. I hope you haven’t given up on the Salmon Run series, The Legend of Crazy Uncle George was great, but it left a lot of unanswered questions. I love these stories and the world you’ve created, it makes me want to live there. Your mention of the Ahtna people prompted me to search for info about them. It’s such a shame that they have to fight so hard for their rights to continue living in such a beautiful way.


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