Memories: Nothing Left Unsaid

Just sorted through the rest of the canned foods. Found some of Joel’s stuff (the person who lived here before us) and some of our old stuff that we won’t ever eat. If it is way expired, I threw it out. If I knew we wouldn’t eat it, then I put it in a bag to take to the food bank.

And saw some stuff that I would have cooked up just for Mom even if no one else would have eaten it. :sniffle:

Memories: Nothing Left Unsaid
johnhain / Pixabay

She was so much fun to do things for because she was always so responsive. She would grin with a smile at being given a treat or a present that went all through her. Eyes, all the face, hunched shoulders with rubbing hands, and big “Thank you so much!” And more laughs. She loved to smile and laugh.

She never held back her thanks or love or appreciation. We never had any doubt that she appreciated everything we gave her or did for her. Nothing was left unsaid.

Something to learn and imitate. 🙂

So everyone, do the same with those who are important to you. Don’t let it be left unsaid. Say it!

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Memories: Nothing Left Unsaid

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