TMHSWP: String Weavers Book 6 Done!



Barely squeaked by for the finishing the main revision by the end of August, but I did it! Today, I put a few chapters through one more spell and grammar check, but those are more technical issues, and not a part of the big revision pass.

The end of the story came together nicely, and sets up what will happen at the start of book 7 wonderfully. The finish word count of 102k is great, too. I thought the revised version would end up around the 100k mark when I was about half-way through it, and I was right.

This leaves only one more String Weaver novel to revise. That is the big September project, with the goal to have it finished by the end of the month.

The other big project? Finishing up the Forward Motion 2013 Anthology. All but one story is in, so it’s time to get it put together. The goal is to have that finished and published by the end of the month. To everyone who submitted, keep an eye out in your email for the contracts.

I think I deserve a little chocolate now. 😀

The String Weavers Book 6

Yesterday’s Revision Session: 9874
Total for Novel (Out of 95k): 102,125


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