TSWMHP: Back To Revision – Writing Update

The July Nano is over! Despite a 6-day hospital stay for Mother Hen, I still managed to have a great month. 165,136 words written!

Wow, did it feel great to write new words again.

So much that I’ve continued in August, but at a slower rate. For this month I’m aiming for three or so scenes a day. Not too much, but enough that I am writing new material all the time.

With August arriving, it’s also time to get back to revision. To start with is a novelette that I wrote this spring. The revision went better and faster than I expected. How good?

I finished the revision! That’s how good. 😛

It will not go off to the editor. Now I’ll have to start coming up with a cover idea for it. What great problem to have. 😛

At this point, it is time to get going on the last two String Weaver books. Onwards and upwards!

Dark of the Storm (Novelette)

Tonight’s revision: 11048

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TSWMHP: Back To Revision - Writing Update

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