TMHSWP: Past the Block

The below revision words were not done all in one day. Instead, that is the total for the three days this past week that I was able to get to revision.

This includes a difficult part that stopped me for three days. I had to think about the revision note I left for myself. This resulted in doing a lot of art in the meantime, as well as walking around the neighborhood. Thinking and ruminating as I did both. Sometimes doing other things helps to clear the blockage.

In the end, I decided to do a modified version I had suggested in the note and the bit of a scene written in the first draft. It resulted in over a thousand new words and two small conversations added. I’m happy with it, and now that I’m past the problem area, the revision is moving forward again.

For the rest of the days this week? I’ve been putting a few words every day on the current writing project, but mostly I’ve been taking care of Mother Hen (she’s needed extra help this past week), dealing with fatigue, and doing art when my mind wasn’t up to doing anything else.

Lots and lots of art! Nice spacescapes, but with no stories to them. Yet. 😛

The String Weavers Book 6

Yesterday’s Revision Session: 23189
Total for Novel (Out of 95k): 61496


What is the “The Mother Hen String Weaver Project?” I’m glad you asked! Read here to find out.

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TMHSWP: Past the Block

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