TMHSWP: Fatigue and Revision

Another fatigue day, so the revising started a lot slower today.

The fatigue is annoying. It’s not a sleep-tired. It’s just a deep weariness that clouds the head and makes a person want to do nothing but stare. Go to bed? Nope, won’t sleep. It’s just not that kind of tired.

I’ve had this off-and-on for so many years, so I know the signs it’s coming. I even know one thing that triggers it (bad allergy reactions). I know what doesn’t work. But, I also know what does… when it comes to writing.

When it comes to writing, a lot of times what works is just powering through it. Not waiting for the “Muse” or body/mind to feel up to it. If I waited for any of those things, a huge amount of my writing would never get done.

It’s not an easy thing to do. Looking at an entire project will make me give up in these fatigue times. So, I concentrate on little steps. With the revision this consisted of working on about 100-125 words at a time (three average paragraphs). Or focusing on only one part of a revision note and fixing only that problem. No more than that. Worked on those, then worked on the next batch of words/paragraphs/one revision problem.

The little steps did the trick. The revised wordcount started adding up. Even better, pretty soon the brain wasn’t feeling the fatigue anymore. It only experienced the story. I slipped right into standard revision mode and the revision started flying by!

The proof is in the surprising numbers of words revised last night. This despite the fatigue, and all because of the little steps forward.

“The String Weavers” Book 4

Yesterday’s Revision Session: 11,835
Total for Novel (Out of 100k): 64,024


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TMHSWP: Fatigue and Revision

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