TMHSWP: A Tough Radiation Day

It took a lot of work, a lot of valarian, lots of hugs, a long break with an icepack over an office visit of over three hours, but we got Mother Hen through the x-rays! Once they were done, then she could finally have a radiation treatment. I felt sorry for the technicians at the office. In the middle of this they had one of their machines break down, and suddenly they had to try and fit a waiting room of people into the schedule of only one machine. In the midst of this, they had to fit Mother Hen.

Afterwards we took her to a Sizzler salad bar and she ate herself full of all sorts of good healthy things. It helped her calm down after the ordeal. Right now she’s much calmer and finally starting to relax. Thank goodness we’ll have a simple and fast office visits from this point on. Well, so long as their other machine keeps operating (the other machine should be repaired tomorrow or the next day).

The revision continues to go well. I’d forgotten some of what I wrote, and I’ve been laughing my way through it. Which is good! Mother Hen will love reading it when it’s done.

“Salmon Run” Book 7

Yesterday’s Revision Session: 4,758
Total for Novel (Out of 35k): 10,923


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TMHSWP: A Tough Radiation Day

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