TMHSWP: Great Thoughts Forgotten

I’m annoyed at myself this morning.

Thought of a story point I needed to put into the revision just as I was dozing off last night. “Oh, I’ll remember it in the morning. It’s so OBVIOUS! No need to get out of bed and write it down.” And guess what?

Oh yeah. You can guess.

I have absolutely no clue what the point was this morning. Going through the last scene hasn’t yielded any clues.

As a writer friend said today, “And what makes it even more annoying is the fact you remember that you thought about the great idea, but you can’t remember the great idea itself.”

Sigh. I need to get that pad and paper back on the bed-stand.

As for the revision session yesterday, it went well but slow. At least, slower than the previous couple of days. Many reasons for it, including suicidal bugs flying at my face, at the monitor, into my glasses, up my nose, then sending in a family member when they met their fates (You kill my brother! Prepare to die!).

Yesterdays Revision Session: 4,642

Total for Novel (Out of 100k): 45,310

I’m going to try to get more revision in today, as tomorrow will be lost in doctor appointments. It’s time for scheduling Mother Hen’s treatment and we’ll get more details from the hospital about how they are going to help us. Big update for today: the chemo meds are on their way to us right now.

Thank you to everyone who has given help to us with her care. The money is going directly to pay for those appointments. Mother Hen has had tears in her eyes several time over the generosity from people she doesn’t know. To all of you she is giving big virtual hugs!

Mother Hen’s Go Fund Me page.

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TMHSWP: Great Thoughts Forgotten

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