TMHSWP: Back In the Saddle

All of Mother Hen’s doctor appointments on Wednesday derailed a bunch of things. Of course, the revision got caught in the aftermath.

Tonight I sat down about 10PM, determined to at least get 1000 words revised. something to keep from getting behind on the deadline!

I ended up working on the revision for about an hour and forty-five minutes despite repeated dive-bombing of the suicidal little black bugs (where are they coming from?!?!). Kept telling myself I could do just one more paragraph. Oh, look, the next scene is short! I can do that too…

Yeah, it all adds up.

Today’s Revision Session: 5,186

Total for Novel (Out of 100k): 50,496

Now off to bed. Mother Hen has been tired and it’s important for me to be awake when she is.

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TMHSWP: Back In the Saddle

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