String Weaver Book 3 Scrivener Targets

TargetsBK1Time to get going on the nitty and gritty of the revision. This means getting the Scrivener project set up for the revision side.

One of the things I love about Scrivener is the ability to set targets. Date and wordcount goals, and it will automatically calculate how much you need to do in a day to make it happen.

In this case, book three in the The String Weavers. The first draft came out at 94176 words. I typically write lean, so I know I’ll add words. On a 94k book, if it follows the pattern of other full-length novels, the revised draft should easily add a bit over 10,000 words. I went for 100k in the Targets window, as it’s a nice even number.

Another great thing about the Targets window is the Options. In this case I’ve set it up to calculate using 5 days a week, which gives me a weekend to rest up. I’ve also set the deadline for this big drat for May 15th. It would be great to get it done before then, but I really don’t want to go over. (Apparently the Options window in the PC version works a little differently.)

TargetSettingsBK324 working days left! Yikes! Time to get to work!

In a later post I’ll take a screenshot of how the literal revision happens inside a Scrivener project. It will make that “Zero” in the “Manuscript Target” line make sense. 🙂

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String Weaver Book 3 Scrivener Targets

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