Coming Soon

What are the tentative next big releases for J.A. Marlow? Glad you asked!

Aurora Equinox (Salmon Run – Book 6)
Estimated Release: February 2013

The Dark Phoenix (The String Weavers – Book 3)
Estimated Release: August 2013

Months for release are estimated. Life sometimes happens, so they may come out a little later or a little earlier. However, be assured they are actively being worked on!

4 thoughts on “Coming Soon

  1. I just finished reading Salmon Run Book 1 and enjoyed it, I purchased it for free when it on special, Thank you for that.

    I only had one major complaint it is that it is very short like a short story more than a novel I read so much that I don’t usually read short stories I love the novel that takes you a week to read (I read Salmon Run in lees then an hour) I will go ahead and purchase the next in the series “Alien Winter” just because you deserve to make some money off of your writing, but I won’t be purchasing any of the rest on the series I will wait until it comes out as an Omnibus for the series.

    Thank you again for the free book in the series, I see you have a different Sci-Fi series that is in an omnibus I will be purchasing it.

    Have a good day
    David Miller

    • Welcome to the site, David. Yes, the Salmon Run books are short novels, more along the lengths of what novel lengths once were (there’s a whole history of why novels became longer and longer, and it all has to do with money on the publisher side while getting words for free out of the writer. There’s a reason some books feel padded. They are.). I do write longer works, such as The String Weaver series, and Into the Forest Shadows. It really depends on how long the story wants to be.

      I do plan to create 3-volume collections of the Salmon Run series in the future. If all goes well it will be out before the end of the year. No announcement on it yet, though, so keep an eye out.

      Thank you for the comment!

  2. Thank You for this Series, I Love Alaska and Stories about it. This really is a great collection of Books. I just Finished Book 5 and am just about to Start Book 6, I was so Excited when I saw it on Amazon & Bought it that very minute. Yes the Stories are Short, But a lot happens in each book. I’m sure you could make them long and drawn out but I think these are perfect and what the stories are meant to be. It’s not like there is any lack of detail, Each Book you Learn more about the Great Small Town of Salmon Run Alaska and all the Amazing Characters in it. It’s very easy to Relate to the Characters and Especially the Callahan’s which we have had an Amazing and Exciting Journey with thus far. Well as you can tell I really Love this Story and Recommend it to Friends and Family all the Time, My Dad has Read up until Book 4. I have not had the opportunity to read any of your other Books yet but I’m sure I will. I really relate to some of the Winter aspects of the Book as I am from Maine and Winters can get Pretty Interesting up here as we’ll, But one day I dream of going to Alaska. I have one Question for you about the Salmon Run Series, Are there going to be more Books? LoL And I Really Hope you say Yes! Anyways Thank You for your Writting and all the Time and Effort your Must put into it.


    -James Nason

    • Thank you for the comment. Too many times all a writer sees are complaints, so it’s great to hear of the things readers do like. I love the characters in this town, as well, which is why I keep returning to it as a writer. It’s wonderful that readers are responding to it, as well.

      I have good news for you. I love this series, so yes, there will be more books. One more is already written and will be revised later this year. No release date yet, as I have massive amounts of revision to do on “The String Weavers” series first. The planning has already started for the writing of the first drafts of new Salmon Run novels, so expect other releases in 2013, as well.

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