Day 6 – Short Story Update #storyaday

Trim the Flying Dutchman
5012 Words

Colors of the Flying Dutchman
7501 Words

I took day 5 off from the Forward Motion Story-A-Day May challenge. The brain just would not cooperate. Instead, I took a nice long nap and took the time off for the luxury of watching a movie. It must have worked, because not only was I able to write 2 stories on day 6, they were also longer. The result was in a 12513 word day!

The Flying Dutchman short stories continue! I have one more to do in this set, which will hopefully be completed on day 7. Whee!


Day 6 – Short Story Update #storyadayJ.A. Marlow

Mop Jockeys and Figher Pilots

The war killed any emotion in Captain Carme Batista but Felix the janitor refuses to believe it, but will a brutal battle reveal she’s more alive inside than she thought?

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Day 6 – Short Story Update #storyaday

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