Day 3 – Short Stories Update

Another good day of writing with two new short stories finished, topping out at over 6600 total new words for the day. I would have had time for a third, but exhaustion hit me. Hopefully I will feel better in the morning and able to hit it again. For those keeping track, this makes 6 short stories for the month.

I’m happy with how the stories turned out. They were a calmer kind of story, which is a nice change of pace. Just the right thing to write on a rainy day.

Teacup Mountain
3123 Words

Tilly Simpson and her class graduate with grand plans for a future in the Galactic Commonwealth, only is it really what she wants, or does Teacup Mountain have something else in mind?

A Purple Life
3548 Words

Teenager Isa Grayson lives on the most boring planet ever, when a chance meeting with an aspect of a past she barely remembers threatens to upend her boring life.


Day 3 - Short Stories UpdateJ.A. Marlow

Children of Jad Omnibus

The day started with Elvy Akuma enjoying a day out in the forests of the planet Jad with her parents. It ended with her life changed forever… This 48,400 word Omnibus is a collection of the four Children of Jad novelettes at a bargain price, completing the entire story arc in one volume.

The collection includes:
Glint of a Suncatcher
Glint of a Ring
Glint of an Artifact
Glint of a Tower

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Day 3 - Short Stories Update

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