Day 11 – Short Story Update #storyaday

Mary Celeste Adrift
5471 Words

When low-ranking crewmember Riya Cobley is forced to join an away-team they find the adrift spacefreightor “Mary Celeste” in good working order but no trace of a crew, when alarms sound in both ships…

Well, I did the Flying Dutchman. I might as well do the Mary Celeste, too! 😀


Day 11 – Short Story Update #storyaday

J.A. Marlow

Flying Dutchman of the Spacelanes

Trapped, Sora races to escape the deserted Flying Dutchman of the Spacelanes, only to find the true nature of the cursed ghost-ship could give her the dream of a lifetime.

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Day 11 – Short Story Update #storyaday

6 thoughts on “Day 11 – Short Story Update #storyaday”

  1. wow, congratulations on so many stories already. I just took 4 days of writing because I had to go to a conference.

  2. You know I am bouncing in my seat over this, right?

    (I swear if you do one about Barnum’s Pride, I will totally lose it – assuming you could get Duane’s permission.)

    [For those who are lost – look up the filk song Dawson’s Christian by Duane Elms]

    • Glad to have you bouncing, Kat. 😛

      I had to look that one up. Wow, what a great song!

      Since it’s under copyright, I don’t think I can do anything with it other than maybe take a few ideas and make them my own. Plus, naming it something else, of course.

      For the chorus, I’m still a bit confused. Is “Barnum’s Pride” supposed to be the ship described in the song, or is this in reference to an old maritime legend?

  3. going a bit ot here. 🙂

    The ship the singer is on is _Hera’s Dream_. I think Barnum’s Pride is a space going version of a ghost ship. I’ve tried looking it up and all I ever get is the song=, so I am pretty sure Duane invented the name.

    It should give you an idea what I think of the song when that opening lines jumped to mind when I saw Dutchman and Celeste in the same sentence. (after not hearing the song in nearly a year) 😉

    Funny note: Mary Celeste was the topic of a family dinner conversation a month or so ago, debating the probable fate of the crew.

    Another one to add to the ‘I can hardly wait’ list.


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