Tracy Hickman On Why An Author Writes

Tracy Hickman related a very moving story about an encounter while at a book signing. He also discuses the subject of why an author writes. It’s a fudge under 10 minutes, and a wonderful story. Bring the hankies and take a listen.

It is located on the Superstars Writing Seminar front page. Scroll down just a little bit and you’ll see the controls to listen.


J.A. Marlow

Tracy Hickman On Why An Author Writes
A planet-wide conspiracy is waiting at Grandmother’s house…

“Always wear the red hood and cape while you are in the forest,” Grandma admonished.

For a teen with purple and red hair, and an attitude to match, the small claustrophobic city of Oburos grows ever smaller with Uncle Travis’s attempts to take over her and her mother’s life.

An invitation to visit Grandmother’s house, nestled among the giant trees filling the planet, gives Kate a welcome respite. But, there is no time for rest. A conspiracy among the forest inhabitants, moving trees, and other mysteries await her at Grandmother’s house.

Kate learns just how little she knew of the forests, much less its animals. To survive she must learn fast, and that includes trust and teamwork.

And just where was Grandma, anyway?

A Science Fiction 83600, 335 page (approximate) word stand-alone novel retelling of the fairy tale “Little Red Riding Hood”.

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Tracy Hickman On Why An Author Writes

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