The Despair of Writing…

There are many thoughts and emotions surrounding the changes in the publishing business.

One of them is despair.

It’s a feeling that is rising among those writing for the big publishing companies. Looking around and finding the ample opportunities they once had gone. Finding themselves dropped. Told they don’t write as well as they once did. Or, their numbers are good and rising on a series, but not enough, so they are cut. That it is all their fault.

Romance writers being told their romances don’t sell any longer, and maybe they should try mystery. Mystery writers being told their mysteries don’t sell any longer, and maybe they should try thrillers.

Writers giving up on writing. Sometimes even thinking of giving up on life itself.


Kris Kathryn Rusch wrote a post to these writers who have over the years made a living at the big publishers and find themselves bewildered at the changes happening to them. And feeling the despair.

But it’s also a post for those who have already chosen to go Indie, even if they’ve never published traditionally.

Read it. Get rid of the despair. Take control.

Write and be happy.

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The Despair of Writing...

4 thoughts on “The Despair of Writing…”

    • :p

      No despairing over here right now. I’m loving the writing and publishing. So much so that it’s addicting!

  1. Wow. I’m kind of glad for once that by the time any of my books will be ready, maybe all the publishing stuff will have stabilized somewhat. I’m also very glad that I have a chance to read so much about the business side of writing; even if Big Publishing finds a way to be as useful as it was in the past again, knowing that side of things will be a huge benefit. Just knowing that I CAN do it and there are resources out there is amazingly helpful.

    • It’s definitely a mess I don’t envy any writer getting messed up in. In the meantime, it’s wonderful to have so much information and options now that weren’t there before. 🙂


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