Story Status and New Release

#1 – Glint of a Ring – Finished at 7127 words
#2 – Dark Circus – Finished at 9474 words.
#3 – Glint of an Artifact – Finished at 9000 words.
#4 – In the Cauldron – Finished at 5794 words
#5 – The Flying Dutchman of the Spacelanes – Finished at 6118 words.
#6 – Glint of a Ruin – Finished at 9181 words.
#7 – The Ultimate Game – Finished at 3238 words.
#8 – Cowboys and Robots – Finished at 4841 words
#9 – Mop Jockies and Fighter Pilots – Finished at 3718 words
#10 – Lost in Translation – Finished at 2025 words

Total new words in the month of May for the challenge only: 60516

Considering a Nano month is 1667 words a day to reach 50k, I was writing at better than a minimum Nano pace. Even better, I came out of it with 10 finished stories that I can start revising and getting up.

I call the Forward Motion May Story-A-Day challenge a full success!

The month isn’t over, so why aren’t I trying to sneak in at least one more short story? Because I have a lot of other things needing done. Such as for the publishing business, and well…

I worked on a novelette today, getting it ready for release. That meant creating the cover art and all the formatting.

Story Status and New ReleaseI’m pleased to announce the release of “The Art of Negotiation.”

After overseeing the downsizing of a construction facility at Arcturus, Zada Harper comes face-to-face with a friend from her past… whom she just helped lay off.

Before she knows it Zada finds herself the next target of the ISC Corporation layoffs. She is suddenly without a job and forced into automatic arbitration for a severance settlement. But Zada won’t go quietly. She will make sure the ISC feels the sting of her departure.

An 8825 word science fiction novelette by J.A. Marlow

The story will be showing up in Amazon and Barnes & Noble sometime between tonight and Monday.

The Smashwords edition is available now.

Yesterday I finished the short story challenge, and today a new story was uploaded for sale. The holiday weekend isn’t even half over yet and it’s already a success!


The challenge in question is the Forward Motion May “Story-A- Day” challenge. See my previous post about the rules. The goal is to achieve the 10 short story level.

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Story Status and New Release

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  1. That’s an amazing level of productivity. I tip my cyber-hat to you, sir. And I look forward to reading your stories.



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