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Day 26 Wordcount: 3002 (Mop Jockies and Fighter Pilots, Short Story #9)

Thanks to several word wars while in Forward Motion Writers chat, short story #9 is finished! I was hoping to finish it tomorrow, but as it crept towards bedtime I realized how close I was. I’m now late getting to bed, but I’m feeling great because it’s FINISHED! A full day early, too!

Now comes the problem of finding an idea for story #10. I’ve now written all the ideas I had a strong inspiration for at the beginning of May. But I’m not panicking.

The thing about stretching and strengthening the writing-muscle is that the more it’s used, the more it gives back. Which is why writers who have been at it for a while never worry about running out of ideas.

All month the Muse has been throwing ideas at me for longer stories. Now I get to bait her.

“One more story.”

“Aww. I wanna play.”

“And you will.”

“No, now! Look at this long string. Wouldn’t that make a good book? Or a series?”

“I can’t look at that yet. I need only one more short story idea.”


And the Muse will pout and make mean faces at me. But this is a Muse who looks like a little 6-year-old in a ballerina/princess dress with a tiara and a scepter with a bright yellow star at the tip of it. She’s really good at making the mean faces, it comes to her naturally. So does beaning me with that scepter, but we’ll let that be for now.

The point is, she’ll pout for the rest of tonight, and maybe first thing in the morning. But then she’ll forget all about it. Because she’ll have found a new shiny while playing in the sandbox.

And I know she’ll trot over, bop me on the head and say, “See this? You need to write about this!”

And I’ll write it. I’ve learned to listen.

I’m very curious to see what the next idea will be. It’s one of the great things about writing. Seeing what new thing develops, going to exotic places, meeting strange and interesting people and creatures, having adventures.

I can’t wait!

Hmm, I went from writing-muscle to deranged little-girl muses. Now, there’s a segue.


The challenge in question is the Forward Motion May “Story-A- Day” challenge. See my previous post about the rules. The goal is to achieve the 10 short story level.

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Idea Fishing

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