I’ll go into the business side of this in a later post, but for now I do have exciting news. It’s started. Yep, I’ve started the indie publishing company and the first (small) work is now up!

SpiresSpires short story Cover

I should be scared, like the rest of them.

Scared of the sea of green vines moving in from the surrounding forest and slowly taking over the city. I should be at home, with the doors and windows barricaded. But no. I’m out on the streets, walking and walking, sure my mind is about to burn out.

Yeah, I’m one of “them.” Just high enough on the Telepath ratings to be required to register, low enough that pursuing a career using my so-called ‘gift’ would be a waste of everyone’s time.

The last thing I need is to run into a snot-nosed kid with a stolen alien artifact. Both seem to have something to do with the vines, but why should I care? If my mind burns out it will take care of the problem on my end permanently.

Unfortunately for me, the vines care.

A 4900 word Short Story by J.A. Marlow.

The link is to Star Catcher Publishing, where there are links to the various online retailers it is available for purchase from.

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