Muse-Inspirationals: holographic rock star

After all the anime showing a holographic rock star, you knew they would eventually make it happen, right? Well, yes, it has happened now, including a #1 single and a sold out 2009 ‘live’ tour.

So, what’s next? A holographic politician? :shudder:

In any case, this is more fodder for fiction. Oh, so much fodder!

Of course, a lot of anime/manga has using this idea for years. 😉

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Muse-Inspirationals: holographic rock star

2 thoughts on “Muse-Inspirationals: holographic rock star”

  1. She’s also got two games, and I think sings one of those songs in it. And she’s also in my 3d Character Collection…

    Actually, She’s got several friends. Kagamine Rin and Len (Young/child female/male vocalist), Megurine Luka (Older Female vocalist), and several others.

    Here’s the One of Miku-san and Luka-san singing one of their more popular songs. (Apparently, it’s about their forbidden love.)


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