Can’t Make Money at E-Books? Who says?

J.A. Konrath has posted his to-date Kindle E-book sales figures for the month of February 2010. Wow, interesting numbers.

Keeping in mind that he has a series (and other books) ‘traditionally’ published and has generated a following with those, the numbers are still very interesting. Kudos to an author for sharing numbers in this time when hardly anyone has been sharing much of anything concrete. It’s hard to find good numbers out there, and J.A. Konrath has been very forth-coming with them.

Take a hop over and take a look. Then roll your eyes when any established author says they can’t make money at e-books. Instead of being afraid of the technology, perhaps those same authors should dust off all the projects that the ‘traditional’ route rejected and start an e-book following. And in the meantime, start negotiating for higher royalties on electronic rights. Some of the percentages out there with the big houses are border-line criminal.

Meanwhile, this writer is going to keep pounding away at the keys despite ‘life’ trying to get in the way. Hoping to follow a similar path: ‘traditionally’ published and then expand from there. We’ll see how it goes! 🙂

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Can't Make Money at E-Books? Who says?

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