Novel Progress #amwriting

New words are not all there is to writing. A finished first draft is only a first (big) step. And it’s the stuff that comes after and before a first draft that has been occupying my time.

Revision of “Into the Forest Shadows,” the SF Little Red Riding Hood adaptation, is progressing at a good clip (no pun intended – see below). I’m aiming to have most of the revision finished by May, and I’m on-track to do that. I’m planning out the big type-in revision right now. Which means a lot of study of the first draft to see what went right and what went wrong, what stands out and what is mediocre (or even bad). I’m coming up with a lot of great stuff to clarify or to add to make it better. Not so much *add*, but more like finding some brilliant Muse Bombs scattered about (named by Holly Lisle for those wonderful little unexpected things your subconscious mind drops into the story as you are writing). The good part is that I see only a handful of problem scenes with only two critically flawed. That is so fixable!

I’ve also started the planning on a new novel idea that I’m hoping to have the planning done in time for NaNoWriMo in November. The new novel is currently called “Lost Garden of Dreams.” It’s science fiction (as usual) with a sub-genre of Young Adult Adventure. However, it could turn into Young Adult Science Fiction depending on how the writing comes out. I’m content to see where the planning and writing takes me on that. 🙂

Last, but not least, today was haircut day! And I lost about 5 inches, possibly a little more. We didn’t measure it this time. Wow, my head feels lighter! Tis a great way to start out the new year. 🙂

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Novel Progress #amwriting

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