Novels, and more Novels

I won NaNoEdMo with 74.5 hours. That was good enough to place 7th on the final list of editors. Whee! The time really helped whip “The String Weavers into shape.

I continued with the momentum gained. As of the middle of May the book is completely finished. I’m really happy the way it turned out, and it feels so wonderful to have such a big project finished. I came up with the concept for the book in late September of 2007, wrote the first draft for Nanowrimo 2007, and finished editing in May of 2009. A little more than 1 1/2 years. I’m thrilled to be under the 2-year mark.

Now to see if I can keep up the momentum! I have three one-off books that are in no way apart of a series in the planning stages. The plan is to have them ready for writing for Nano of 2009. So far I’m on track for that goal. However, that is a few months away and I don’t want to stop writing. So, I’ve taken the sequel to “The String Weavers”, which is a called “The Phoenix Eggs” and written for Nanowrimo 2008, and have started a complete rewrite. I’m using JulNoWriMo to help out on that project.

JulNoWriMo is run by a different group of people than Nanowrimo but inspired by the same concept. 50k of words from July 1st to July 31. Because of the extra day in the month the minimum wordcount per day is 1613 compared to 1667 for Nanowrimo. So far I’m on track, and I’m pleased at how “The Phoenix Eggs” is coming along.

After July, it’ll be time to focus on Nanowrimo 2009.

Onwards and Upwards!

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Novels, and more Novels

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