November 3rd

November 3rd wordcount widgets

Words Written November 3rd: 6933
Total so far: 15760
Words Remaining: 34240

I think I should have written the extra 67 words to reach and even 6700 word count. 😉  But, when it's time for bed, it's TIME for bed!

Saturday was an odd writing day. I puttered, plodded and poked away at the story all day. Then about 3, not long after the NaNo site crumbled, I suddenly began moving forward. And from there the words just kept on coming. Thanks to a few word wars over in the chat room at Forward Motion, the word count really exploded.

So now, as of Sunday morning, I'm sitting at a word count past what I should be getting to by NEXT weekend! Horrah!

Mother Hen was able to grab 2208 words yesterday, which enabled her to catch up with what she wasn't able to do on Friday. So she's a happy little camper. Go Mother Hen!

Today is the very first write-in for our region. It sound like a lot of fun and I'm really looking forward to going.

Everyone else, good luck with your writing!

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November 3rd

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