The Creative Rush

September 7th is the day I had the first visual to inspire this story. It came out of nowhere, and there was the intoxicating and euphoric rush of knowing, “I think I'm onto something!” Other writers, artists and musicians will know exactly what I mean. I could feel it right down to my toes: my heart jumped, I was light-headed for just one moment and my breath caught. What a rush!

That night was useless to anything other than research. I was lucky I went to bed at a semi-decent hour.

The next day, a Friday, continued the creative rush. Yellow sticky-notes being written on in tiny, barely legible handwriting, hastily stuffed in the pocket as I dealt with the 'real world' of going about my day-job which takes care of the necessities of life. By the end of the day the stack of sticky-notes was becoming quite impressive.

In the beginning the story revolved around an adventure on one planet, and I had it all planned out, right down to having it divided into chapters. After years of putting off participating in NaNoWriMo, this year I was going to do it! And I was going to write this book, get down that horrible first draft before my Internal Editor could take control and keep me from realizing the possibilities.

I have a rather nasty Internal Editor. I have so many novels in various stages of completion, all of which have been put aside as not being 'suitably realized to invest the time and energy into'. Anyone want to buy this little annoying joy-killer? You can have him cheap! Actually, just take him…

But back to the story… it was going great. Okay, time for character names. Oh yeah, I need a map of the travels….Then I realized the focus of the story was all wrong.


This might have been a bad thing, but thankfully for me, that creative rush was still there. All last week the flurry of sticky-notes and ignoring my friends in the cafeteria to frantically write down notes continued. By the end of the week, I knew I was still really onto something! The story was better, the stakes higher!

The story is sooooo different now. Actually, it's practically unrecognizable. *BUT*, I had to do that first planning to get to where I am now. The time, effort and energy were not wasted, not in the least.

And the story? The silly thing has a mind of its own. I'm just some poor creature trying to read its mind and find out what it's up to. It's taking me on a ride, and I'm loving every moment of it. Maybe someday some of you can come along with the ride, as well. Just so long as someone helps me chain up that dratted, mouthy, know-it-all Internal Editor….

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The Creative Rush

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