New Habits

This week has been all about new habits. For one, Mother Hen and I just started a Candida diet. That means no yeast, no sugars (or at least, as much as you can). It's been challenging, to say the least. Yeast is in so many things you wouldn't think it would belong in. This is a hard diet to stick to and since Mother Hen needs to go on it, it's easier to do it with a buddy. Besides, I did have it myself a little over 15 years ago and I just went through an antibiotic run, which can re-trigger it. It could also be part of the cause of so much exhaustion lately…

Which, ironically brings us to the other habit…

I'm now getting up about 20 minutes earlier than before. This gives me 20-30 minutes of writing time before going to work, depending on how slow I'm moving and how many walls and doors I ricochet off of. It has been difficult to get used to, and some mornings I'm rather tired, but I've been impressed on how much planning and plotting I've been able to get done in that short amount of time:

Monday: Had day off and wrote about 4,500 words
Tuesday: 700 words
Wednesday: 625 words
Thursday: 725 words
Friday: 900 words

Not bad for still being half asleep. It's funny how coherent and creative the results have been, too! I'm wondering if by getting up that early the internal editor is still asleep. What a nice bonus! Although I'm a little jealous of the little bugger, getting to sleep in while I'm hard at work…

As November comes closer I intend to expand that morning time by another 20-30 minutes. For now, though, this is enough of a jump to get used to. I didn't want to put my whole body into shock by suddenly getting up 40 minutes or more earlier than usual. I'm not a morning person!

Upshot of this is that this week has been a break-through in several areas including the emotions of the heroine at various stages of the novel, her relationship with Ariana (not always pleasant) and a key phrase that I knew needed to be near the beginning but until today had no idea what it was. Kinda like George Lucas not knowing exactly what Darth Vader needed to say to set Luke off until the last moment.

Plot outline and universe/character workups now stand at a little over 17,000.

Heh, and this doesn't even include a fanfic I started editing while on my breaks at work. Yep, I think the 'writing muscle' in me is stretching and coming awake.


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New Habits

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