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Wow, it’s been a while since I posted. But, that would be because I’ve been very busy.

Mother Hen is doing well. She has her ups and downs, and we have a few new problems to deal with. The good thing is that the last two checkup MRIs show *NO* new tumor growth. YAY!

One of the challenges right now is getting her used to a CPAP machine and mask. Turns out she not only has sleep apnea, and not only has severe sleep apnea, but she has BOTH types of apnea. Until then I didn’t know there were two types. But, yep, there are:

Obstructive sleep apnea, the more common form that occurs when throat muscles relax. Central sleep apnea, which occurs when your brain doesn’t send proper signals to the muscles that control breathing. – Mayo Clinic

When Mother Hen does something, she really does it!

She’s also on a new brain chemo that is put directly into the brain through her Ommaya reservoir every 2-4 weeks. This chemo is causing us a lot of issues, as she’s sick with it for 3-4 days after.

Because of everything going on, it’s been hard to write, but I am getting a little done. I participated in National Novel Writing Month and managed 60,000 words across several projects. I didn’t get the last Dreamer’s Cove novel finished, but I got close! I’m now puttering away this December of finishing the first draft.

In novel news, the next String Weaver book is nearly ready to push out the door. I’ll announce it here when the time comes.

Whew. Life can slow down a little now! 😀

The String Weaver and Mother Hen Update

The Zerralon serial is still going strong. To start at the beginning, click on the “Free Fiction” tab at the top of the page.

But, other things have been going on, as well. Mother Hen had a new surgery in late May to take out the part of the tumor that was operable. Yes, there is part that is inoperable. In any case, she came out of this with more side-effects than the first surgery. Her left leg is not as strong and its caused her to trip and fall several times. She’s also having issues with her balance.

Mother Hen is now in physical therapy to help with her leg strength as well as to improve her balance. We’re into the second week of it now and I’m seeing an improvement on the latter. The strength part is going to take longer.

On top of this, she’s also started on Avastin. This is not a chemo drug. Instead, it blocks the tumor’s ability to trigger the body to create new blood vessels to it. Basically starving it a little so it can’t grow as big or as fast. Too early to know if this is doing any good.

We have a new MRI coming up to see how the tumor is doing. I’m really not sure what it will show. She’s had some odd symptoms lately that could be from the healing from the surgery, but it could also be because of tumor growth. We’ll soon know!

In other news concerning Mother Hen, the next story in the String Weaver series is finished! yes, the “Mother Hen String Weaver Project” is still puttering along. She’s now reading the book after this one, and the book after that is waiting for her.

The DividersSorry guys. She gets to learn what happens to Kelsey before anyone else. 😛

So, here is the new release!

The Dividers (The String Weavers – Book 4)

The chase reverses, and the Weavers become the hunted.

Dangerous pulsing in the Strings trap Kelsey Hale’s Weaver team in a place Captain Delphi Winters recognizes: Universes she and those of her Universe escaped many years before. A Universal Group filled with creatures who have harnessed Phoenix Eggs and the division of Universes for their own destructive gain. A whirlwind of rebellions, old friendships, and new enemies test them as never before.

But Professor Hadrian’s shadow casts darkness even here, in the unexpected discovery of a piece of Kelsey’s past.

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Yes, seriously. I’m still alive. At least, I think I am.

A lot has been going on. For one, the MRI in January showed the tumor is growing back, and is now impacting the emotional and short-term memory areas of Mother Hen’s brain. Yes, that was a real blow. Doing so good, and then BAM! It was back, and growing in very bad places.

Add to that delays in getting the insurance situation figured out. I hate waiting for other people. That really messed us up with something we don’t have time for playing around. But, it is now figured out. The moment the insurance goes live in March, Mother Hen has appointments with oncologists and surgeons to see what they can do. Everyone keep their fingers, toes, and everything else, crossed!

Onto better news.

I’ve been working on the website. New color scheme, an update of the theme, added content, and other small stuff. I’m still tweaking, but I like it better.

Oh, and the Bibliography has been updated. There were quite a few items not on there! Tis fixed now. 😀

More stories are coming down the pipeline. Here in a few days I’ll announce a big one. Writing is keeping me sane right now.

Hey, 2014! You were supposed to be better than 2013! Shape up, you!

TMHSWP: Unexpected – But Good – Additions

“The Mother Hen String Weaver Project” is slowly winding to a close. Today I put the finishing touches on the last String Weaver book. I thought it was done before, but it turned out I was wrong.

One day, while I was walking, I realized that the story wasn’t yet finished. I came up with at least three scenes that the story needed towards the end. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that instinct was right.

Why did I even doubt the idea that it needed more? Because with a project that has gone on for as long as it has, because of how much I love it, because of how much others have loved it, it’s easy to get into the ‘perfect’ mentality. That it is never done. That it’s never good enough.

If a writer gives in to that too much, it can cause the project to never end. “Just one more thing.” “just one more tweak.” “Need to add or redo this section.”

It would be very easy to fall into that with this project. Oh, so, easy.

But, the ending needed these scenes. So, I started in. I thought the additional scenes would add a thousand or so words.

It didn’t turn out that way once I really got started. I should have know better. (hehe)

I started writing, and the scenes took on a life of their own. In a good way. In a great way. The scenes really came to life. Characters I didn’t expect showed up.

It resulted in the additions bringing a lot of closure to a lot of different areas and to characters. In the end it added a little over 3500 words, and I’m thrilled about all of it. In the process, it made this book officially the longest one of the series by just a little bit.

Something unexpected appeared, though. Something I’m a little worried about mentioning here, as I know I will immediately start getting pestered about it. Yes, looking at you, Nyx, Grey, and Tobe!

Um, the additions gave me ideas for three String Weaver short stories and novelettes. EEK!

(I really shouldn’t be surprised. In a universe like this, ANYTHING can happen.)

Oh well. I’ll live with it. At least I’ll never run out of things to read. 😛
The String Weavers Book 7

Yesterday’s Revision Session: 3593
Total for Novel (Out of 100k): 104726


What is the “The Mother Hen String Weaver Project?” I’m glad you asked! Read here to find out.

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TMHSWP: Making Revision Choices



Wow. What a project. What great stories. What a great accomplishment!

Yes, the big revision pass is done! The story went to just above 100k, which is where I estimated it would come out after revision (first draft was about 94k).

I finished the pass early enough in the day that I was then able to start going through the revision notes to make sure I included everything. Well, everything I still agreed with.

That’s an important note, and one that illustrates the choices every writer must make when it comes to the revision process.

When I finished the first draft, and the weeks after, I made all sort of notes on things to change and rearrange. For some parts of the story, I figured it was going to be hard to revise it. Some of it I wasn’t looking forward to.

While in the process of the actual revision, I decided I didn’t agree with a bunch of those suggestions. I liked the first draft version. It went with the story, it progressed logically, it made sense for the characters. So, some of those revision notes were crossed out without any of it going in the story.

Meanwhile, I did find a few notes that I didn’t take care of in the first pass. Little things. Nothing that meant I needed to make big changes. I zipped through those changes, and they added a little over 1000 words to the story.

By the end, the book ended up as a nice tidy story. Not only in itself, but bringing together the threads through the other books. Answering those last few questions.

I have one more checklist to go through for the entire series. Once that is finished, though, the entire series will be done!

So, onwards to that final checklist! Then need to put this book through the final technical check (spelling, grammar, a few pet problems). Oh yeah, we’re getting close here!

The String Weavers Book 7

Yesterday’s Revision Session: 8,828
Total for Novel (Out of 100k): 101,133


What is the “The Mother Hen String Weaver Project?” I’m glad you asked! Read here to find out.

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