TMHSWP: Fall Allergies Attack the Revision

Some of the moving stuff is starting to happen now. Amazing to think it’s almost time to relocate to the wintering grounds.

The fall allergies have hit, and hit hard. Everyone in the family is suffering from them, including Mother Hen. For both her and I, it’s causing fatigue.

This is affecting the revision. One day I wasn’t able to get any in at all. Yesterday, right before bed, thankfully the brain started working again. Enough to revise a really big action scene.

The story is moving along strongly, which makes me very happy. So far I’m still on track to finish the revision on time. I’m hoping to keep it that way.

The String Weavers Book 7

Yesterday’s Revision Session: 4,367
Total for Novel (Out of 100k): 15,246


What is the “The Mother Hen String Weaver Project?” I’m glad you asked! Read here to find out.

To help out with Mother Hen’s treatment:

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